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Message from Bobby's owner:

My horse is 31year old and is the oldest resident on Alice's yard and has been there for nearly three years.  He is a extremely well mannered stallion who I had to retire and believed he should have the retirement he deserves. I feel lucky to have my horse on the yard and since being there he is so happy and well cared for and I have no worries as I know he is in excellent hands. Alice is attentive to all the horses and their welfare - my mum simply says "He has his heaven before he goes to heaven"


I am delighted with the care Alice provides and she does treat all the horses as they were her own. When ever we go to see Bobby he always looks very well, happy and in good condition. They get the best care in terms of food, bedding and plenty of TLC!  I trust Alice's judgments as she is extremely knowledgeable and always advises the right course of action.


Message from Janie's owner:
I am a client of Alice Clark, who runs Sheepy Equine Retirement in the
West Midlands. I moved my mare Janie to the yard about 2 years a go
and I have been very satisfied with the level of care that she is given.
The livery offered is excellent value for money, the facilities are
brilliant with  improvements being carried out by Alice and her
partner over the last two years, grazing is excellent and well
maintained and the horses are look after as if they are her own.
This is the first yard I have kept my horse at where the needs of the
individual horse are put first. The fields are not over crowded and
the horses are paired with each other depending on how they get on
with each other. She has all the food, hay and supplements she needs,
is groomed regularly and her stable kept clean and dry.
I would recommend the yard to anyone looking for retirement livery,
especially if they are unable to visit all that often and want peace
of mind. I am certain that Alice runs this yard out of a genuine love
of horses rather than any sort of financial gain and I always know
Janie is in safe hands.

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