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Our flood lit yard is located in the quiet rural village of Sheepy Parva on the border of Leicestershire and Warwickshire. The yard is set away from busy roads so the horses can enjoy a pleasurable stay.

  • All of our stables are well ventilated and measure 12' x 12' or 12' x 16' to give the horses plenty of space to easily move about preventing stiffness.

  • Our fields are fully hedged / post and rail with electric fence surround and well maintained, with rotational grazing to ensure year round turn out.

  • Throughout our 35 acres of grazing the horses are kept divided into mares and gelding or individually if preferred to keep them stress-free and guarantee a relaxing home.

  • We offer a full range of top quality feed and bedding as part of our care and nourishment programme. In addition we're also able to offer tailored feed requirements for each horse with extra supplements available*.
  • Basic feed includes: Alfa-A, Sixteen plus, Pasture mix, Garlic granules, Soya oil and seasonal fruit and vegetables.

We ask that your equine comes with the following:

2 Out door rugs - Winter rugs

1 light weight rug

Stable rug if required

Own hay net, bucket & treat toys if required

All of these things will help your equine settle in quickly so they can enjoy their stay.


Please see our price plan to find a package to suite you and your equine. Or call on 07861 680403